Start Your Business Package
Start Your Business Package

Start Your Business Package

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A common mistake startup founders make is failing to put the proper business structure in place. We take out all the guesswork and help get your business up and running the right way.

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1. Choose a business structure:

2. Choose your business name

Limited Liability Company

The LLC or Limited Liability Company is the newest form of business incorporation and is often described as a combination of a corporation and a partnership. Over 80% of small businesses are LLCs, and for many good reasons. With fewer requirements and more flexible ownership options than the other entities, LLCs provide business owners with limited liability protection. This means that the company assets are typically owned by the LLC and are separate from the personal assets from that of the LLC owner(s).


S-Corps do have more operating requirements and ownership restrictions than an LLC, but they also have significant advantages. One advantage of the S Corporation is that like the LLC it receives pass through taxation.

Pass through taxation simply means that federal income tax is not assessed at the entity level; profits are distributed in the form of dividends and flow through to the individual tax returns of the shareholders, and the IRS taxes the shareholders at their individual income tax rate and not at the entity or corporation level. Unlike an LLC, Forming an S Corporation can give you the ability to minimize payroll and self employment taxes, resulting in significant savings in certain situations.


A C corporation, or C-Corp often just called a generic corporation is the oldest and one of the most common business entities. A C corporation is a completely separate tax and legal entity from its owners.

When you look at all of the requirements placed on C corporations, you might wonder why anyone would form one. The C-Corp does offer several unique benefits. While all business entities can provide fringe benefits to its owners and/or employees, the Corporation allows for a greater range of fringe benefits. Forming a C-Corp is also advantageous to corporate tax treatment and income splitting. The tax rate on corporate income is usually lower than the tax rate on personal income up to the first $75,000 in income. The owners can arrange salaries and bonuses in conjunction with retained corporate earnings to lower their overall tax rate.