1 Custom Formula Lipgloss

1 Custom Formula Lipgloss

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1 Custom Formula Lipgloss Service


Have you been on a search to find a certain color you want in your collection? Do you want samples of your product before purchasing a wholesale order? If yes is your answer, then you need Frost's help. 

Materials Needed:

To make your dreams come true for a custom color or the exact formula for your brand. We will need the following to get started.

1. A color from your favorite cosmetic brand ship to us un-open, NOT used with the boxing and ingredients clear on the packaging. 

2. Payment. No packages will be received without payment. Please do not send it without processing your payment. 


1. Frost will produce 5 shades with 1 custom formula request.

2. You will receive up to 3 revisions for one order request for your one custom formula.

3. No product will be produced if a package of product arrives open, or used if applicable to your request.

4. Remember, your custom formula is made fresh and will take a total of 15-20 business days to complete, which will ship out to you in 22 business days. 


Custom Formula Lipgloss Service