Lab Visit For Liquid Lipstick Private Label Creation

Lab Visit For Liquid Lipstick Private Label Creation

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Come to West Hollywood, California. Work side by side with a top cosmetic developer to build your own custom made brand. We provide a clean and safe environment. Limited booking slots available each and every Thursday and Friday.


1. Up to 4 hours of Production development time with a top cosmetic developer.

2. Laboratory wear and accessories.

3. Choose a lip applicator, squeeze, or you may bring your own components.

4. Place your own signature name on your components.

5. Whisk & blend your own 5 colors from the color chart above.

6. "Do it yourself" raw ingredient infusion formulation.

7. Inserting your formula into your own components.

8. Copy of all pictures.

9. Ingredient sheet of your created self-made product.

10. Take home a Frost bag of your finished 224pcs brand product.

11. Get a fully completed order within 24 hours of your appointment date or Take home our "Bag The Wholesale" Production bag service the same day and complete your order at home.